Registration & Enrollment Process:

*Completion of this Registration Form and payment of the $50 per student Registration Fee (refund policy below) guarantees the student a spot in the grade specified on this form (provided that grade is not waitlisted) until Sept 6, 2024.

*FULL tuition payment or setup of an autopay plan for the FULL tuition amount is due by Sept 6, 2024.

*If FULL tuition payment or setup of an autopay plan for the FULL tuition amount are not made before Sept 7, 2024, the student’s registration will be canceled, their spot will be forfeited, and the Registration Fee will not be refunded.  Students will be pulled out of classrooms if they come to school.

*The student can register again, but may have to be placed on the waitlist if the grade is full and/or pay a 2nd Registration Fee.

To insure there are no delays in approving your Registration Form:

*A Registration fee of $50 per student is required to complete the registration process.

*Youth Program is a two year program and students MUST complete both years to graduate.  Students can begin the first year (Youth Program Junior) in 8th or 9th grade.  Any student who is too old for the Youth Program is encouraged to volunteer as a Teacher Assistant.

*Pre-Kindergarten students must be 4 years old on or before 10/15/24. A birth certificate may be requested.

Refund Policy for Registration and Tuition Fees:

*Registration Fees are non-refundable after Aug 30th.

*100% of only Tuition Fees are refundable until Sept 6th.

*Refunds for withdrawals after Sept 6th until Sept 20th will be prorated based on only Tuition Fees.

*Refunds for withdrawals after Sept 20th will be prorated based on 75% of only Tuition Fees.

*Registration Fees will be applied towards tuition.

*Tuition includes books, supplies, and lunch.

The Tuition Fee structure is:

1 Student: $550
2 Students: $1000
3+ Students: $1350
Arabic: $50/student