ICN Al-Falah Youth Program
Developed with guidance from Shaykh Rizwan Ali, ICN Religious director

ICN Al-Falah Academy Youth Program goals are to help our youth stay connected to Islam. The program has been tailored to maintain a balance of education and fun so the students enjoy the experience and gain the most out of it. Being a part of the program, the students will:

  1. Gain Islamic knowledge
  2. Have the opportunity to discuss Islamic topics openly and freely with teachers and peers in a safe environment
  3. Socialize with other Muslim of their age group
  4. Work on projects to grow as leaders in the society


After completing 7th grade at ICN Al-Falah Academy, students may register with the ICN Al-Falah Academy Youth Program. The Youth Program is intended for students in the age range of Grades 8 through High school. It is a three years program (see outline below). Upon completion of three years in the program and meeting specific 3rd year requirements, a student would graduate from the youth program. The student may then advance other volunteer or learning opportunities of their choice.

Student Expectations
Youth program students must abide by all expectations in the ICN Al-Falah Academy handbook. Students are expected to come with a positive attitude and have the willingness to strive to become better Muslims.

There will be a few in-class assessments which the students must complete. Additionally we will assign a few Advanced Learner Assignments which will be optional and serve as extra credit.

Workshops and School outings
ICN Al-Falah Academy Youth Program administration and staff will arrange a few school outings throughout the school year. Other workshops or talks will be arranged with invited guest speakers or teachers focus on specific topics like Fiqh or address other youth / community challenges and how to address them.





Khulafa Ur
Rashideen Phase


Seerah Prophet Muhammad SAS Makkah

Seerah Prophet Muhammad SAS Madina

Seerah Khulafa Ur Rashideen and other
prominent Sahabahs

Fiqh Workshops (2 per year)

Taharah, Salah

Sawm, Zakah, Hajj

Interpersonal dealings, Gender relationship

Quran Reading

Tajweed, Select Surahs Memorization &

Islamic topics/discussions

Understanding of various Islamic topics and
group discussions on various current day and youth challenges and how to
address them as Muslims

Graduation Requirements – 3rd year students ONLY

Students who compete three years with the youth program may be eligible to graduate if they meet the following requirements in their 3rd year.

To graduate, the 3rd year students must have

  • Good attendance in all 3 years with ICN Al-Falah youth program.

To graduate with honors, the 3rd year students must additionally

  • Complete both Advanced Learner assignments in 2nd Period
  • Complete a Project and write-up:
  1. Solve a community problem or implement a unique idea. Could be done individually or as a group. All ideas must be approved by Youth program lead by December 1 of the academic year.
  2. Do a 1 page write-up and submitted to the Youth Program Lead by first week after Spring break of the academic year. No exceptions on deadline.