At Al-Falah Academy we strongly believe that no student should be deprived of an Islamic education, and thus, in 2014, we introduced the Nation’s First Islamic Weekend School Program, our MUHSEN-Certified Special Needs Program, Alhamdulillah! This program has a dedicated team of volunteers that work one-on-one with a student with special needs, focusing on Islamic studies, Arabic and Quran. A trained, certified professional works with our volunteers to design customized lesson plans for each student, and she/he regularly monitors each student’s progress.

Our school day consists of academic learning cushioned by group story-time, arts and crafts, and even gym time to work our muscles.  We practice Wudu & Salah in class, and take monthly field trips to ICN Ogden for our Wudu & Salah workshops.  Through our trips, students are able to experience a Mosque setting and become comfortable with that environment. No matter what the disability we, at the MUHSEN Special Needs Program, are happy and excited to work with your child with special needs!

Br. Farhan Shah
Team Lead
Special Needs Program