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Stars of the Week – November 7th

Congratulations!! Arabic L1- Aiza Yousaf Arabic L2- Yusuf Foreman Arabic L3- Lina Khan Prek- Ammara Baig KG- Safa Ghouse 1st- Zayna Adil 2nd- Maryam Ansari 3rd- Leena Khan 4th- Ibrahim Hassan 5th- Sheza Khan 6th- Ameera Manzoor 7th- Umar Bajwa

Stars of the Week – October 24th

Congratulations!! Arabic L1- Raad Noubani Arabic L2- Dahlia El Maghraby Arabic L3- Fatima Khorsahein Prek- Simra Hussaini KG- Inaaya Ahmed 1st- Faaz Zubair 2nd- Aleena Ghouse 3rd- Javeria Khan 4th- Ashaz Hussainy 5th- Annam Kazmi 6th- Areeb Shahbaz 7th- Zoha Haque Shout out to YP students for winning the Jeopardy Competition Tauheed Ahmed, Aminah Ishfaq, […]

Connections Project: Signs of Allah in Nature

Observe your surroundings, express your creativity and share your gratefulness for Allah’s natural blessings!! Prizes will be awarded to ‘The Most Creative’ and ‘The Most Inspirational’ projects per school level, insh’Allah. This project is optional and the due date is 11/30. Further project details are in the flyers below.

Sharing Our Blessings: A Community Service Initiative

As our world and community continue to battle and navigate through these unchartered times, Al-Falah is reminded of our own blessings, Alhamdulillah. Our dedicated staff, our supportive families and our engaged students have all shown resilience and patience throughout our transition. We are fortunate to have an ‘Al-Falah Family’ that supports our goal to bring […]

Stars of the Week – October 10th

Congratulations!! Arabic L1- AbdulRahman Yuldash Arabic L2- Merna Al Noubani Arabic L3- Azlaan Mohammad Prek- Sofia Khan KG- Musa Zackaria 1st- Zainab Siyed 2nd- Haya Mahmood 3rd- Sheroze Memon 4th- Ali Alam 5th- Ridwan Jassat 6th- Abdurraheem Mohammed 7th- Salma Hammouch

Connection Series – October 31

Both events are mandatory and from 10-11:30am this Saturday. Attendance will be taken. We can’t wait to see your smiling faces this Saturday, insh’Allah. *To view upcoming Connections Speaker Series dates, please see our ICN Al-Falah Calendar.

Stars of the Week – October 3rd

Congratulations!! Arabic L1- Jannat Malik Arabic L2- Asmaa Rabiu Arabic L3- Prek- Arham Sulaiman KG- Khizar Ghassan 1st- Ahmed Becker 2nd- Ishan Mohammed Imran 3rd- Sarrinah Khan 4th- Yousuf Fakhruddin 5th- Deena Hussaini 6th- Hana Rahman 7th-Firdaus Nuriddin

Stars of the Week – September 26th

Congratulations!! Arabic L1- Mohammed Khorsahein Arabic L2- Hana Ajmal Arabic L3- Leena Sellami Prek- Inaaya Hood KG- Aaliyah Hossainy 1st- Simrah Khan 2nd- Malik Sharipov 3rd- Rquib Ghousen 4th- Eshaal Shahbaaz 5th- Fazal Khan 6th- Ebrahim Ajma 7th- Hamid Hussani