Student Stars of the Week

Each week 9 students will be chosen from grade levels Prek-7th, by their teachers, for stellar participation on/offline, great attendance, insightful responses and/or well-done homework assignments. Please see below for this week’s recipients!!

Stars of the Week – March 20 th


  • Arabic L1- Alyaan Hasan 
  • Arabic L2- Haya Mahmood
  • Arabic L3- Abdurraheem Mohammed
  • Prek- Sarina Adil
  • KG- Safa Ghouse
  • 1st- Ilyas Khan
  • 2nd- Amar Galaria
  • 3rd- Ibrahim Syed
  • 4th- Yousuf Sheikh
  • 6th- Ibrahim Sheikh
  • 7th- Rukaiya Mohamed Aroos

Stars of the Week – March 13th


  • Arabic L1- Mirna Sarhan 
  • Arabic L2- Zoha Khan
  • Arabic L3- Ibrahim Ajmal
  • Prek- Simra Hussaini
  • KG- Arissa Jafri
  • 1st- Izaan Ahmad
  • 2nd- Anabia Khan
  • 4th- Talha Khan
  • 5th- Deena Hussaini
  • 6th- Areeb Shahbaz
  • 7th- Firdaus Nuriddin

Stars of the Week – February 20th


  • Arabic L1- Sharmeen Ansari 
  • Arabic L2- Haya Ajmal 
  • Arabic L3- Basim Hassan  
  • Prek- Alyaan Hasan 
  • KG- Musa Zackria
  • 1st- Zainab Siyed
  • 2nd- Khaled El-Maghraby
  • 3rd- Javeria Khan
  • 4th- Hadiya Alam
  • 5th- Sammy Elmehdwi
  • 6th- Sana Syed
  • 7th- Yousuf Alam