Virtual Muslims Around the World 2020

Journey to and explore Islam in Brazil, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and the United States of America!

Muslims Around The World

One Ummah

Hosting a Muslim Professional

Thank You for Providing Necessities

Connections Project: Signs of Allah in Nature

Observe your surroundings, express your creativity and share your gratefulness for Allah’s natural blessings!! Prizes will be awarded to ‘The Most Creative’ and ‘The Most Inspirational’ projects per school level, insh’Allah. This project is optional and the due date is 11/30. Further project details are in the flyers below.

Connection Series – November 14th

Sharing Our Blessings: A Community Service Initiative

As our world and community continue to battle and navigate through these unchartered times, Al-Falah is reminded of our own blessings, Alhamdulillah. Our dedicated staff, our supportive families and our engaged students have all shown resilience and patience throughout our transition. We are fortunate to have an ‘Al-Falah Family’ that supports our goal to bring quality, Islamic education to our students, to ultimately build strong Muslim ambassadors and community citizens, insh’Allah.

However, as we remain grateful for our school blessings, let us not forget those around us that are in more challenging positions. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once said, “None of you will have faith till he wishes for his brother what he likes for himself”.

Over the next week, Al-Falah will be collecting household items for families in Aurora, that are in need. Due to the local, current COVID-19 situation, donations will need to be made online via Amazon and shipped directly one location, where they will be organized for delivery to appropriate families. We will be working with Ripple NPO, a local community effort designed to build communities and empower individuals, who will help with the distribution. All items must be purchased and shipped by November 21st in order to arrive in time for delivery, insh’Allah. Please see the flyer below for a list of items, Amazon link and inspiration!! JazakAllahkhair for your generosity and kindness in advance:)

Connection Series – October 31

Both events are mandatory and from 10-11:30am this Saturday. Attendance will be taken. We can’t wait to see your smiling faces this Saturday, insh’Allah. *To view upcoming Connections Speaker Series dates, please see our ICN Al-Falah Calendar.